EkhartYoga Bloopers 2021!

You can see the work behind the scenes at yoga studios and homes. It’s not easy. It’s not all plain sailing.

Each year, we enjoy putting together our favorite clips. We are all human; just a reminder!

We are grateful for your support, dear EkhartYoga teachers and members. We hoped to see you again in 2022.

You might hear them say that they can’t touch their feet, so yoga is impossible. You can still do yoga even if you can’t handle your feet.

It may be difficult for people with physical limitations to do yoga to reap the benefits. You should consider whether you have any ableism that could help you learn yoga. It is as “yogic” as being a Downward Facing dog.

Many styles and yogic practices can be used when it comes to asana. Although more structured practices such as Ashtanga yoga (e.g., Ashtanga) may seem more complicated to learn, many teachers have made it much more manageable.

Props can be used to increase accessibility in any class. When students feel empowered and more independent, they often move their practice from the mat.

While it’s helpful to define accessibility and inclusion, there are many other factors to consider when discussing accessible and inclusive yoga.

The yoga industry is not accessible to all and is often too closed-minded.

You may be wondering why people aren’t coming to your classes.

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