Forrest Yoga: 5 Reasons Why You Should Practice It

Forrest Yoga is named after Ana Forrest, an American yoga teacher. She created her modern form of yoga, combining poses similar to that of Hatha yoga and integrating Native American healing elements.

This yoga is based on introspection, breathing, and holding poses for extended periods with the intention of healing common ailments today and restoring emotional equilibrium. Here are five reasons why you should try Forrest Yoga!

Skillful breathing techniques

Like most yoga styles, there is an emphasis on having a connection to the breath. Forrest yoga goes even further.

Every class begins with a segment of pranayama or breathing exercises. Forrest’s teachers use deep breathing in a sequence of repetitions to create heat within the body. It is important to focus on connecting the breath with the body to allow this power to ignite you.

Core Work

Forrest Yoga helps you connect with your core in order to find balance and strength. This intensive regimen is a combination of traditional yoga postures held for extended periods, with dance and acrobatic movements.

The intense exercise produces a heat that is unique and targets the core. The heat and repetition of the poses allow your body to progress deeper and further into the poses. It also creates strength and helps you release toxins.

Emotional Healing

This style of yoga is primarily aimed at emotional healing. Before introducing poses, emotional healing is the first step that any new student takes. Forrest Yoga encourages individuals to heal themselves by helping them look inward, work through their feelings, and understand them.

Teachers use keywords to help you become more aware, both in your practice and in your daily life. It creates space for healing and self-discovery. Forrest Yoga is more than “perfecting” poses. It’s about exploring, identifying, and encouraging emotional healing in order to create better balance in your own life.


Combining deep breathing with yoga poses produces heat and oxygenation within the body. This heat helps to eliminate toxins from your body.

Posing for long periods increases blood flow to the body and helps flush the body clean. Eliminating toxins helps to cleanse the body and mind of pollutants that can affect emotions. Not only your body but also your mind gets rid of pollutants.

Sense of Spirit

This style of yoga is based on the belief that Spirit is one of four pillars. The Spirit is emphasized so that you can be prepared for the challenges of life and find your true purpose.

You can connect to your Spirit in each class. Each practice leaves you with a feeling of authenticity and confidence that will benefit you off the mat as well.

Forrest Yoga: Is it for you?

Forrest Yoga shares many similarities with other forms of yoga. However, it is unique in its holistic healing — for the mind, body, and Spirit. Forrest Yoga poses are physically demanding, but they also provide you with the tools to take holistic healing beyond the mat.

This form of yoga meets students exactly where they are. This type of yoga is tailored to meet each student’s needs, both physically and emotionally.

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