At the beginning of a yoga class, your teacher may invite you to set a Sankalpa or intention for your practice.

Sankalpa can help us live a more intentional and mindful life. Set an intention to make your yoga practice more aware and less like an exercise class.

How to Set Intention

Start your practice by setting your intention. Find stillness first. Observe your breathing, in and out. Think about your intention, and then sit with it.

Set an intention by bringing to your attention a virtue or quality that you would like to see more of in your own life. You may want to get more grace, forgiveness, love, compassion, kindness, or gratitude into your life.

You may want to become more mindful or present or better at letting things go. You may want to cultivate peace and balance, or you might be interested in health and wellness. You can choose anything that gives you peace, happiness, and joy. When expressing your intention, make sure you frame it positively.

Positive Intentions

You can use the mantra “I am at ease” instead of “I won’t stress myself today.” Here are some examples of positive intentions.

“I am kind and compassionate.”

I forgive myself as well as others.

“I am in balance both mentally and physically.”

“I have a heart that is open.”

Your intention can be revisited at any point during your practice. But make sure you return to it at least one time at the end. You will be able to carry your intention with you from the very beginning of your practice until the moment that you seal it with your heartfelt intentions.

What is your intention, or to whom are you dedicating your practice? Please share your thoughts.