It is officially summertime in Northern Hemisphere. It’s the season of adventure, excitement, and fun… and possibly falling out of your hard-earned routine.

Do you fear losing your calm, fitness, or routine but still want to have fun? You can have it all with EkhartYoga!

We have your back. An app to keep you connected, three-month program options that suit your needs, classes to help you read, and much more to help you continue your practice amid the summer magic – far or near.

Programs to Sort Your Summer

These programs can be used to transform staycations into luxurious retreats and takeaways.

Mindful Morning Yoga begins July 11. Register for email alerts, and you’ll be invited to Esther’s live class on July 24, 2013.

Twenty is Plenty Three weeks of all-level, 20-minute yoga classes that fit easily into your busy schedule

Day Yoga Retreat- Spend a day in relaxation and restoration at home (or anywhere else!) Yoga and meditation retreat

You have your summer covered! Three-month programs are ready for you to rock the next few weeks – choose from routine-building or fitness-oriented.

Summer Class Playlists

You can choose from an existing playlist or make your own to suit your destination.

Holiday Yoga- Take a few minutes and have fun!

Summer Solstice Yoga, meditation, and pranayama classes for setting intentions and lighting your inner fire.

Month Of Yoga – A balanced mix of styles.


You can download up to 10 classes to your smartphone for offline use. It’s all that you need!


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Summer Reading

Everyone needs to have something to read while on vacation, whether lounging on the sofa, at the pool, or in a hammock.

We’d love to see your favorite yoga book.

EkhartYoga instructors have more recommendations to help you!

Do you want to learn Ayurveda? These Ayurveda Books will help you get started.

For Travel Classes

These travel-specific classes by Marcel can make your trip easier, no matter where you are located – on another continent or in a nearby town.

Yin Yoga For Travellers

Moving before Travelling

Moving after Travelling

Pranayama and Meditation During Your Flight

Articles for summer – At Home and on the Road

Check out our blog for some great summer reading!

Travel Tips From a Global Yogi

Living Seasonally. Tune into summer

Online Yoga Retreat with Esther Ekhart. How to Plan Your Day

How to Start A Home Yoga Practice

Journalling – To The Inner World and Outer World

Holidays are an excellent time to start a new or revive an old practice. How about journaling? Keep track of your adventures, hopes, dreams, and feelings. You might be surprised at the unexpected insights journalling can provide.

Tips to Write a Gratitude journal

Journal Meditation: Listening to Your Life Through the Practice of Writing

Summertime Recipes

You can find many healthy recipes to help create the perfect summer menu!

Super Simple Chia Pudding Breakfast

Hazelnut Pancakes

Nettle Smoothie

Beautiful Breakfast Bowl

Summer School

The EkhartYoga Academy offers a variety of courses that will deepen and expand your practice. These courses are available for both teachers and those who are simply curious.