The Future Yoga Teacher’s Letter

Some of you have said, “I don’t do this to become an instructor; I just want to deepen my yoga practice.”

Before I started my first teacher’s training, I also said the same thing. I confess that it was mostly told out of fear (“who will listen to me”) and unworthiness (“I am not good enough”) for me.

What shifts occur during teacher training?

You already know everything that you need to learn.

You’ll be able to be brutally honest with yourself about where you stand in your life right now by spending precious moments on self-inquiry. Don’t wait. Don’t wait.

You will realize that you are ready to share your story the sooner you start. You can deepen your study of yourself by deepening your practice.

You will love yourself more the more you get to know yourself.

In that moment, when you feel loved, you’ll realize how important you are in the world. You don’t need to DO anything to make people feel your love because simply BEING someone who is a proponent of love will be enough to teach them what you are.

To “teach” is to exchange the truth of who you are with someone, something, or somewhere. Teaching is an expression of the truth of who you are, which includes all of your learnings.

Imagine a time in your life when you learned something valuable from a close friend or family member. Imagine a time when a person in your life said “thank you” to you. We’ve all been there. This¬†will make you a better teacher.

What happens next?

You don’t need to teach any yoga classes after completing your yoga teacher training. But you still have the opportunity to do so because you can always learn from other people.

If you really want to be spiritual, imagine that you could live in isolation for the rest of your life and never meet another person. You would still have to learn from the greatest teacher of all: yourself.

You are a teacher whether you like it or not.

You were brought here to Earth and at this moment for reasons you might not know.

You can be open to the unknown and trust your curiosity to help you discover what you are capable of. It would be a waste to keep it to yourself.

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