My Yoga Teacher Training in Bali – Week 2 – Connecting with Chakras

Hi! I’m Alina, and this is week 2 of my 4-week yoga teacher training in Bali with Routes of Yoga.

In part 2 of the yoga teacher training diary, I will share with you what I learned from Daphne & Anton.

Finding My Chakra Connection

The second week was a real eye-opener for me. I learned so much about chakras, chanting, and finding my yoga voice. I have never made any real connections to chakras or energy channels. Daphne told me to accept the truth and then do what I find works.

If I don’t yet relate to or identify with chakra colors, the location on the body may work. On our rest day a couple of days after, we climbed Mount Batur. We watched the sunrise from the summit, and that was when I “got it”!

The Chakras are the same colors as the sunrise, which is the color spectrum in the sky. It’s the idea of energy or nature’s pattern. All of it made sense.

The Bija Mantras were also chanted, the sounds of the Chakras being “Lam Vam Ram Yam Ham Om.” We started in a seated posture and then slowly lay down with our heads facing the center. Repeating a mantra can help you reach a meditative mode.

It was an intense but rewarding experience.

Here we go — our first attempt at teaching.

Our first Teaching Lab is finally here! Wow. I didn’t think I was ready yet. But you know, if you wait until you are 100% prepared before you do anything, you will never do it.

First, we will verbally lead our three-person group through 3 asanas. We will not demonstrate the poses or make any movements. Only our voice and verbal instructions. We have a short feedback session afterward.

I am becoming more and more nervous. The same goes for everyone, so I try to concentrate on the safety space of the yoga room. Here, we can give constructive feedback, have questions answered, respect and appreciate each other, and practice yoga together. This is a beautiful idea!

I learned that the best way to calm down your nerves is to practice Pranayama or meditation and create a focused, positive energy in the classroom. Try it!

I was really surprised by the first feedback. They said that I have a nice, calm voice. Wow, ME?! Wow, ME?! Hearing feedback from others has been super helpful. This yoga teacher training has helped me develop my “yoga’s voice.”

Asana Workshop – It’s all about Balance!

Today’s Asana Workshop is all about balancing poses. Anton let us also try some more advanced poses. I learned that I need to improve my mirroring skills and know how to demonstrate poses without writing them down. Note to self: challenge yourself every day!

Learn the true importance of breathing.

Anton demonstrated the importance of breathing by having us take ten forced, quick breaths. You feel it in your body and head, almost like hyperventilating. This device is extremely powerful and dangerous if used without caution and knowledge.

We then compare this with the experience of 10 deep, steady breathing. You can immediately feel the calming effects on your body and mind. This is to demonstrate how powerful and important the breath can be. Tip: Integrate Pranayama in your daily routine — seriously!

Yoga Philosophy: A Deeper Look

We talked today about how to connect with your true self. Anton describes the feeling of connection with your true self as moments of inner peace and glimpses. It starts by being fully present.

We also talk about how important it is for you to control your thoughts because everything in the world begins with a simple idea. Gandhi says,

Your thoughts become words, and your words become actions. Your actions then become habits, and your habits then become values.

It made me think about how I can find more positivity and happiness in my life.

Take Some “Me Time” to Digest All the Information

I have been in our Shala for almost a week and am surrounded by incredible people. While I enjoy the community, I wanted some time alone to absorb and digest everything I have learned.

I think about my passions and what motivates me. The whole experience of Yoga Routes made me reflect on what I can do to achieve the same happiness and freedom in my everyday life.

My 5 Key Learnings After Week II

You don’t have to try hard to get your “yoga voice.” It just comes.

I completely underestimated the power of chanting.

Your breath can be a powerful tool. Use it with care.

Positive thoughts are important! They form your values and habits.

Experience is the best teacher.

You guys still have so much to learn about my time in Bali. Watch for more tips, stories, and learnings as I share my Week 3 yoga teacher training.

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