Relax with a 15-minute Yoga Session

It’s been a long day, and you deserve 15 minutes of complete “Me Time” to enable you to let go of anything that came up and is ‘sticking’ to your mind or body.

Grab two or three blocks or pillows and sit on your mat to try this 15-minute yoga sequence. It will help you unwind from the day and prepare for a relaxing night.

Prepare yourself

List all the things you want to get done for the evening. This includes anything that makes you upset, or that is on your list.

You can slide the list under your mat and come back to it whenever you want.

Seated Breathing

Close your eyes and sit comfortably on your mat. Breathe deeply for several minutes. Focus on breathing and sitting tall. When you start to think about your day or list, breathe louder or move slightly to the side. This will help bring your mind back to THIS moment.

Lift your arms over your head when you are ready and stretch to the left and right. Repeat the exercise a few more times, going deeper each time. You might even bring your right hand down to the mat while you bend toward the left and vice versa.


Allow your legs to fall on pillows or blocks. Your upper body should fold over your legs so that your head rests on a prop or hangs heavily.

Let your thoughts drip into the puddle of air between your legs for 10-30 minutes. Let them go.

Take a baby turn to the left or right, with your hands in the center of your heart.

Janu Sirsasana

Then, extend your right leg on the mat and draw your left heel into your inner right thigh. You will be in Tree Pose. Turn your back to the right knee and engage that thigh. Flex that foot. To feel your hamstrings stretch, tip-toe your fingers down towards your foot or shin and reach your chest plate toward your ankle.

To encourage a deeper stretch, keep your spine as long as possible (trying to avoid rounding the back). Repeat the same on the other side.


You can also try a few rounds on your knees and hands, rocking and arching your spine in different directions.

As you slowly move through the shapes, pay attention to how each joint articulates. Align your breathing with the movements in a natural way. Allow your body’s movement to follow the song that you hear without questioning.


Step your right foot up to the top edge of your mat, with your ankle slightly in front of your knee. Lean forward with your hands and hips to create a low-lunge position. Your back knee should be on the mat.

To ensure that your knee will be safe, you should be able to see your toes in front and your heel on the floor. Rest here for 20 deep breaths, letting your head weight fall. Don’t worry if this pose is challenging or if you feel frustration or heat in your body or mind. Breathe through the whole thing.

Stay there until you have completed your 20 breaths, and then let it all fall to the mat. If you feel the sensation or emotion becoming too intense, straighten your back out and hold the lunge for a few more breaths while stretching up to the skies.

After completing the exercise, slowly slide your weight forward and stretch yourself out in Downward Facing Dog. Repeat on the other side.


With your knees bent, lift your shins until they are parallel to your mat. You will be balancing yourself on your sit bones. Hold this position for five breaths, or straighten the legs.

If you choose to do this, ensure that your stomach is pulled in and supports your lower back. Also, your feet should be active so they can keep some of your leg weight. Your chest should also be pressed up towards the sky to help lengthen your spine.

Pigeons in a Reclined Position

Cross your right ankle over your left thigh and flex the foot deeply. Cross your right foot over your left leg and turn it deeply. (Keep the foot flexed to protect your ankle and knee ligaments.) As you lift your left foot from the floor, press your right thigh towards you and draw your left leg into your chest.

You can rock your shoulders and head side to side to energize the pose. This will also soften your back muscles. Repeat the same motion on the other side.


Bridge Pose (picture): From the Reclined Pigeon pose, lift your hips and squeeze your shoulders into your midline.

You can choose to:

a) Place a pillow beneath your sacrum and your bum to support your spine while your legs are straight up at the ceiling or bent into your chest.

Take a Shoulderstand by placing your hands at the middle or top of your back and lifting yourself into inversion.

Use your Forearm headstand by rocking to a seated Bridge and placing your interlaced forearms on top of your mat. As you extend your legs up towards the ceiling, keep your weight on your forearms.

You can reset your cardiovascular system by holding your inversion for five to ten breaths. This will bring new blood to your brain and change your perspective on the day that has passed and the night ahead.

Child Pose

Spend at least 15 breaths or an entire minute in Child’s Pose.

Start by rockiChild’s forehead against the mat. This will release the neck and simultaneously ignite the pressure point that is located between your eyebrows. This pressure point opens your mind, releases sinus tension, and calms your body.

Rock your hips from side to side in order to stretch your lumbar spine and gently massage your hips. For three breaths, walk your hands to the left and then back to the right.

Uncurl your arms and gently sit down.

Seal Your Practice

Apana is our mudra to invoke a better tomorrow. Extend your hands up and above your head, bringing your palms together. Press your thumb against your middle fingers.

As you exhale, slide the mudra down to your knees. Rest there until it is time to go out for your evening.

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